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"Whether you're a newbie or a regular in the eggs & bacon networking circuit, the ’10 Year Breakfast’ is a must read. Following only 10% of David’s advice in this book will have a positive impact to any business. Highlights the obvious things that all business owners should be doing to increase sales but don’t. With David’s sense of humour, it makes for a very interesting and enjoyable read."

Hefin Harries
Director of PC ResQ Limited


David’s book is an interesting read about his experience during his business networking meetings. I loved the examples and stories the most. As a results of this book I took some actions in my business, which helped me to be clearer.” 

Andrea Basilio LCH Dip.


"I read your book over the holidays and found it to be entertaining , relevant and informative. For those who are new to networking, it is a “must read”. The rest of us networkers can learn a bit more or just give a knowing wry smile at your observations."

David Cane F.C.A.
Sundial Tax & Finance Limited


"Full of little gems that can grow your business today.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The author has a pleasant, easy-going style of writing punctuated by humility with a good sense of British humour. The book can easily be read in two sessions but please do not be fooled by the brevity of the chapters; they each contain an important business lesson. I particularly enjoyed the networking tip on page 67. Implement this and see your one-to-one meetings become a powerful business tool. If you are a business owner then please do not hesitate to buy this book. Get your highlighter out and go!"

Celia Rizothanasi
LinkedIn Marketing Expert


"I read 'The 10 Year Breakfast' over the weekend and found it very interesting and informative.  Page 36 of David Wimblett's book really struck home with me.  it is the page about why we avoid selling.  All the reasons that were given apply to myself.  I always tell my clients that awareness is the first step to change so I am now working on my goal to become a superb seller.  Not of my business but selling myself in order to build mutual trust."

Susan Hampton
Ideal Weight Coach


"I met David through networking and did not realise what an avid and observative networker he is. To be honest I thought 'What can you write about networking?'

I was curious, read his book and finished it pretty quickly as I loved reading it. I recognised so many things.

I have ear marked the pages I found interesting so I can go back to them; particularly the ones where he speaks about producing a book.

Found some good tips in  the book and liked the one about being visible and standing out.

A great read for any networker."

Leonie Wright
Eat Wright


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"Just giving you some feedback on the book which I am really enjoying. Its a nice relaxed read and easy to dip in and out of. I find myself reading a chapter here and there and enjoying the wisdom from your experiences. I can relate to your Networking experiences as I am in the early throws of the networking game and can relate to your early experiences. I like your style and it has inspired me to write more - it used to write lots of communication materials in a previous lifetime when I was with Shell."

Mike Garrett
MG Engagement Ltd


"They say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ – then don’t under estimate David by his quiet shy demeanour – this man knows and thing or two and he’s worth listening to. What’s appealing about this book is his transparency.  David humbly shares his difficulties and past mistakes that make me believe that setting up and running your business successfully is possible for anyone. There is a plethora of tips on planning, knowing your numbers and working smarter, but building relationships through good and honest networking is a key feature in this book.  Along with David sharing his own experiences, there are tips and guidelines not just for the novice, but for the experienced business person too."

Deborah Kerr


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"I have read your book 'The 10 Year Breakfast' and like watching a good film I now need to read it again to see what I missed the first time around!

Thank you for your words of wisdom and enthusiasm - the 60 second double glazing was a good thought provoker. Real honesty page 109 was an inspiration - it was about 'you' and that is what interests me, the person behind the pages."

Phil Burton
Referral Institute Norfolk


"Today I had time to read your book from cover to cover.

A great  networker manual delivered in a style and flavour that will give confidence to the new and amuse the established networker."

Mark Michelmore
Wellness & Business Coach
WSN Health


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