No matter what it is in life, there’s always more to it than first meets the eye. 

Whether it’s the inner workings of a modern day motorcar, how and why Andy Murray has emerged as one of the world’s top tennis players, what has made Apple’s products so successful or, the little tricks that ensure Mary Berry’s own creations never suffer from a soggy bottom, the devil is in the detail.

I’ve studied all these conundrums and, many more in recent times. In truth, I’ve built my entire business on studying the detail of successful things that other people have done. 

What are the ingredients of a web page that can sell £3 million of products in under, three years? 

What makes the difference between a 200% ROI and Google Ad Words and a 2,000% ROI? 

I know the answers because I’ve studied the experts and learnt this stuff and, the experts that I turned to, were those who really knew what they were talking about, which is why you should pay attention to the book that you have in your hand right now. 

You see, whilst it’s (relatively!) easy to write about 987 breakfasts over ten years, the truth of it is, that’s a lot of experience and learning (and eggs) – but David’s done it

What’s more, by his own admission, he wasn’t very good at this ‘networking thing’ when he first started and that makes him even more interesting and fascinating to me, because he’s come from a position of incompetence and poor results, to master what he does. 

Critically, his success as a networker isn’t innate which has helped him to teach and share his lessons along the way in a very accessible style.

Look, let’s be honest – this isn’t rocket science. But David tells some interesting, and on occasions amusing, anecdotes and out of all his stories emerge a suite of lessons and reminders that will enrich you, dear reader. They won’t enhance the technology in your pocket; you’re not going to win a major sporting event as a result; and your baking output will be completely unaffected by what lies in the pages ahead but success when you’re networking depends on the little things just the same as it does in any other aspect of life and  a rich cornucopia of devlish detail and small hinges that can swing big doors  awaits you.

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Nigel Botterill

March 2014



The first review!

"David has the ability to observe everyday networking situations with an extremely dry sense of humour that is rarely found before lunchtime, let alone breakfast.  

In a nutshell, 'He adds the brown sauce to your full English!'  A must read..."

Colin Read - Executive Director BNI