A practical guide that will help you and your business grow ....

The 10 Year Breakfast is about business; it is about what I have learnt about business whilst networking. Learn the things I’ve discovered that will inspire you, change the way you think and help you build your business.

Your success in business depends on many things. One of the most important is what you know. Another, and more important, is how you use the knowledge you have. In other words it's about how you implement that knowledge.

The 10 year breakfast is all about the knowledge I have gained, while networking, over a busy ten years; know-how that has had a major effect on the way I do business. Each of the 34 chapters in my book hold a valuable lesson that will have a major effect on your success.

"Full of little gems that can grow your business today.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The author has a pleasant, easy-going style of writing punctuated by humility with a good sense of British humour. The book can easily be read in two sessions but please do not be fooled by the brevity of the chapters; they each contain an important business lesson. I particularly enjoyed the networking tip on page 67. Implement this and see your one-to-one meetings become a powerful business tool. If you are a business owner then please do not hesitate to buy this book. Get your highlighter out and go!"

Celia Rizothanasi
LinkedIn Marketing Expert

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David Wimblett

SME Marketing Expert, Business Development Specialist, Mentor and writer. 

I write two business blogs, My BNI Day, since 2008, and Marketing and Business.  I have published two books: ‘BNI: One Bite at a Time’ and my latest book The 10 Year Breakfast, which is all about the business lessons that I have learnt over ten years whilst networking.

I started my first business as a twenty-one year old and over the thirty plus years since have run a number of highly successful businesses. I was a member of BNI for over 12 years and worked as a Business Growth Advisor with the Entrepreneur's Circle for three years and have given many workshops on Marketing and Business Development.


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Everyone is Reading it!

The 10 Year Breakfast, by David Wimblett, is a best selling business book that will inspire you and help you build a better business. Everyone is reading 'The 10 Year Breakfast' as can be seen in this fun video. Watch out for the ladies at the end.

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